Neven Moskovič

graphic designer, motion designer, illustrator

Cannavea rebranding

cannavea logo

With this rebranding I was visually aiming to combine simple shapes with handmade textures to offset the sterility of the solid colors and also to bring some of the “dirt” and imperfection from the nature into this design.

The key visual symbol here is the star, which represents the hemp flower from above as I was purposefully avoiding the obvious and common visual representation of hemp/weed we all know and was aiming for a more abstract point of view.

cannavea packaging

Back in 2023 I was kindly asked to create captivating visuals for Cannavea rebranding. This Czech company specialises in solving mental and physical issues such as anxiety, depression, period craps and digestive issues solely using natural resources, mainly hemp as well as for example ashwaganda, chamomile and many more.

This project was very demanding when it came to variety of different products company offers which needed brand new packaging, web banners, labels etc.

After several months I am confident enough to say that the branding was a successful project.